August 2018 tasting notes



*all wines double decanted 1hour prior to tasting in late August 2018


2009 Timaeus

Fine sediment

Kirsch with a dusting of ash, strawberries, rhubarb, hung meat, tree bark, dried oregano

Gentle tawny-like complexity, walnut and more rhubarb on the palate, good persistence

Shows the sunniness of the season. Drink now or over the next 3-4 years

Day 4 – mild oxidation, not as resilient as other Timaeus


2010 Timaeus

Fine sediment

Dark fruits, bramble, tar, meat, strong wine, strong tannin, succulent, very good length.

Still young, should age well for another 10 years

Day 4 – still bright, a very resilient wine at this stage

2012 Timaeus

Heavy sediment

Bold resinous dark fruits, blue cheese and rosemary, green woods, forest

Undergrowth, quite earthy, green tree bark, greenstone, tar, bitters, soy, umami

Very earthy in the mouth, screaming out for food and needs food

Should continue to age well for another 5-7 years

Day 4 – menthol, eucalyptus, resinous, tar, green tea, sweet palate with savoury tannin


2013 Timaeus

Fine sediment.

Restrained perfume, pink fruit, tree bark, fungi, fine tannin but zippy super succulent acidity

Rhubarb, watermelon, pink ruby grapefruit – needs food

Lovely mouth-feel once your palate has adjusted to the acidity

Should age well for another 10 years.

Day 4 – still looking very good, raspberry and ash, concentrated and plenty of tannin.


2014 Timaeus

Fine sediment.

Light and spicy, smoke, pink fruits, toffee apple

Lovely supple entry with seamless flow through to the finish, little bit of black pepper in there, cranberry fruits.  Very restrained, light, succulent, nicely balanced, moreish.

Should age well for another 3-5 years

Day 4 – a little nutty, lovely light mouthfeel


2015 Timaeus

Fine sediment

Honeycomb, tea leaf, toffee apple, watermelon, smoke

This wine slides on to your palate before continuing to build powerfully. The finish seems slightly unresolved at this stage – slight coarse tannin in what is otherwise a supremely silky, slinky pomegranate fruited experience.

Will continue to age well for another 10+ years

Day 4 – lovely perfume of strawberry, tea leaf and cashew


2016 Timaeus

Heavy sticky sediment

Super dark colour, dried cranberry, tea leaf, iron bark, tar, bramble, five spice and black current.

Nice mouth-feel, very young, so much tannin wound up in this wine

Ripe fruits with a lot of chewy phenolic material.  Needs time.

Should age well for another 12 years. Strong.

Day 4 – aromatics of dark satsuma plum, tea, wood smoke, hint of sultana, ripe


2009 Efferus

Heavy sediment.

Petrichor, five spice, tree bark, spicy plum, tea leaf, ash, rosemary, charcuterie, cocoa, cigar box

Very gentle dry mouth feel, dry spice, sweet earth, dark chocolate, nutmeg, red fruit, kirsch

Persistent and wholesome, would work well with food,

Should continue to age well for another 4-6 years

Day 4 – slight oxidation, still strong


2010 Efferus

Heavy sediment

Dark wine, tar, earth, rose-petal, floral, some black pepper, chinese five spice

Palate shows the Syrah component on entry before becoming unmistakeably Mataro – like

Slightly wild, flavours of black tea, soy, mettwurst, burnt cherry, Satsuma plum, honeycomb

A little orange rind in there, cigar box, red delicious toffee apple, violets

Age another 7-8 years

Day 4 – slight oxidation showing in aromatics, still strong in the mouth


2012 Efferus

Medium sediment

Very dark feel, tarry, soy reduction, extremely savoury

Chargrilled green pepper, sourdough, freshly cracked black pepper,

Slow to open up, potash, cut grass, soy, dark leather boots, black tea, savoury licorice, smoked red meat

Palate entry is nice, a surprise, almost sweet after such savoury aromatics. Tight, dark, tannic

Will age another 10 years.

Day 4 – slowly starting to relax, more give but still strong savoury baseline, very resilient wine


2013 Efferus

Heavy sediment

Meat, dust, tree bark, green tea, white pepper, molasses, woodsy

Subdued entry almost tricks before the flavour powers up, so savoury, Campari, soy, umami, long

Will age well for a further 10 years

Day 4 – aromatically singing with redskin and petrichor


2014 Efferus

Light sediment

Tar, earth, smoke, grass, dust, mescal, mint, gaseous

Light and graceful (is that possible for Mataro?)

Tart fruit, tarragon, balsamic, soy, seaweed, pomegranate, chinese five spice

Intriguing wine with surprising balance

Should age well for another 6-7 years

Day 4 – remarkably good, I had expected this lighter wine to fall over by now, savouriness and balance has given it an surprisingly enduring nature, there is something in that!



2015 Efferus

Very heavy sediment

Blue fruit, tar, pepper, ash, rhubarb, Satsuma plum

Nice mouthfeel, reasonably fine tannins for Mataro, grey rock almost slate like sheen with redcurrant, molasses, pomegranate flavours. Concentrated, youthful, lingers well

Should continue to age well for another 10 years

Day 4 – showing some aromatic development but palate is smooth and persistent



2016 Efferus

Heavy sediment

Brambly dark wine, green tree bark, smoke, dark blue fruits, wild in the best way

Some floral notes, minty mountain herbs, charcuterie.

Open savoury attack before substantial dark tannin kicks in to guide it through to a long finish.

Fruit concentration is there, just well masked by the huge savouriness of the wine – a common theme for Mataro

Should age well for another 10+ years

Day 4 – lovely chalky texture, bitter plums


2017 Efferus

Light sediment

Black pepper, charcoal, rhubarb, dark boot polish

Spacious attack without lacking presence. Succulent, charcuterie, light blue fruit, green pepper, five spice

This Efferus has a medium bodied, racy feel to it compared the darker, dryer earlier versions, time will tell

Should age well for 10-12 years min.

Day 4 – Singing along nicely, not surprising given it is the youngest wine in bottle


2009 Archaeus

Heavy sediment

Cake spice, sage, tangerine, tar, tea leaf, mushroom, sweet earth

Full flavoured and reasonably soft before the mild tannin kicks in, quite voluptuous for us.

Shows the sunniness of the season but pleased with the presence of herb, tar, bitters to counter the sweet nature of the fruit. Nicely balanced, perhaps slightly full. Drinking well now and will still age well for a further 3-4 years

Day 3 – smoky red plum


2010 Archaeus

Medium sediment

Dark colour, dark dusty black fruits and anise, tea leaf, tar, black pepper, rhubarb.

Palate quite soft on entry before a pleasing long slow building of reasonably firm tannin.

Orange rind, sarsaparilla, bitters

Presents youthful and bold, persistent, should age well for further 10 years

Day 3 – candied apple, red skin – looks good


2012 Archaeus

Light fragmented sediment.

Rhubarb, green pepper, smoke, tar, sage, very savoury.

Bold savoury entry into mouth with reasonably green tannin present

Palate still has the richness of Syrah, largely offset by the savoury acidity, reasonably resinous nature of the wine This is a food wine for sure, challenging without food

Leave another 6-8 years at least

Day 3 – dusty earth, smoke, mushroom, granite, pencil lead – nice


2013 Archaeus

Light fragmented sediment.

Big presence, full bouquet, rhubarb, red plum, cocoa, nutmeg, ash, sarsaparilla, has that rain on hot rocks (petrichor) thing going on, nice.

Young wine with super flavour and plenty of tannin.  Tannin is much riper than the 2012, will also enjoy food

Will age for a further 10 years

Day 3 – subdued bouquet, complex smokey ash/earth perfume, palate is solid with nice length. Concentrated



2014 Archaeus

Dark crystalline sediment

Minty, pink fruits, a lot of sage, eucalyptus, five-spice.

Palate has really nice flow, so much lighter than any previous Archaeus, but still achieving good length.

Tannins are slightly course but not too bold, they are well slotted into the shape of the wine.

Savoury after taste, good acidity, likes food

Day 3 – aromatically lively – smoke, tar, redcurrant, cola, rhubarb, parsnip – sleeper wine?


2015 Archaeus

Fine to medium sediment

Wow – super aromatics of sweet earth/ petrichor, cocoa, raspberry, anise

Lovely mouth-filling entry, raspberry, chocolate. Palate has plenty of tannin but seems barely enough to clean up

such strong flavour, lovely shape, needs savoury food to offset the richness – persistent

Drink now or leave another 5-7 years and look again

Day 3 – gentle spice, earth, dust, graphite, fungi, discreet but long


2016 Archaeus

Fine sediment

Very dark wine, beautiful floral red fruit, grey rocky aromatics, quite crystalline, ripe red cherry, smoke, dark freshly tilled earth, pear blossom, cinnamon, licorice

Palate has lovely flavour filled entry, salivation starts early flavour flows nicely until the gravelly tannin cleans up I love the flavour / feel/ length of this wine, persistent too, should age well for 10-20 years


2017 Archaeus

Fine sediment and tartrate ring

Colour good, where perhaps the aroma of the 2016 shone, the palate of this wine is its greatest strength, aromatics still great, just down a bit from last year, perhaps slightly more blue fruited and definitely rocky – mica rich siltstone and that pink quartz too, ash, peat, anise, quite blue fruited in the palate, lovely swing and flow. Persistent, good extract, should age well for a further 7 – 18 years.

It was pretty cool to taste all of these together


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