RUGGABELLUS – ‘rugged beauty’  – pertaining to the ancient & enchanting nature of the landscape here.

Emma and I love drinking wine with food. We love wines with grace and intrigue. We live on Peramangk country in the Eden Valley in southern Australia. This is our home. We have taken pleasure in exploring its strengths – an ancient landscape, with a great resource  of old vine vineyards.

For fifteen years now we have been purchasing and growing small parcels of Grenache, Mataro, Cinsault, Syrah, Riesling, Semillon and Muscat. We continue to seek to understand the uniquely Australian character of our wines. We are attracted to vineyards that appear to be a part of their surrounds. These vineyards are rare and to be treasured. The privilege of working with such vineyards is not lost on us. We work hard to accumulate knowledge. As many have done before us, we share our experience in an effort to make a small but meaningful contribution to the long story of the land here.

TIMAEUS (honour) – Grenache

EFFERUS (untamed) – Mataro

ARCHAEUS (soul of a place) – Syrah

QUOMODO (which way) – Riesling

SOLUMODO (the solo way) – Semillon

FLUUS (flow) – lighter weight, a great introduction to the style of red wine we make

SALLIO (to concentrate) –  an introduction to the skin fermented, textured style of white we make

Thank you for your interest in our wines. We sincerely hope you enjoy them and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have,

Abel, Emma, Bailin and Rouille.