Our planet is billions of years old. It wobbles beautifully around the sun. Our land is thousands of millions of years old. It has been exposed to the cosmos longer than most. The story of people in this land is amazing, many thousands of years old. The story of crafting wine in this particular part of the land is an impressive but mere 170 years old.

We live in Australia. We live in the south amongst a rocky range next to a wide old valley. The wide old valley consists of eroded rock delivered by wind and water over many years from these adjacent rocky ranges. We live in a magical part of the Earth called the Barossa.

Many thousands of years of weather is etched into the land here. The seemingly endless flow of air from west to east, the powerful sun from east to west, the moist winter ‘south westerlies’ and the continental ‘northerlies’ that dominate our summers have weaved their way into the landscape. The Ngadjuri and Peramangk have roamed here for thousands of years. They know much of the subtlety of this place. As vintners we will endeavor to explore and respect this subtlety, explore and respect the rhythms, the unique character …..the natural flow of this place.

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